What are bad links? How a back link qualifies to be a good one?



Anyone who has a little know-how about SEO must know the importance of back links- when one site link back to another site. Back links are quite significant to increase your search engine rankings. The more quality back links you would generate for your website, the more reputation it would build.  However, search engines consider some of the links worthless and much poisonous for sites. So today, let’s talk about those bad links, back links and how a back link can qualify to be a good one.

Bad links: Poisonous indeed!

Bad links are kind of worst back links for your site. And these poisonous links can involve you in some major troubles. These are extremely detrimental for your site’s overall search results. Always say NO to spammed content and paid linking because Google strictly denies those links that you get from such linking systems. Here are some examples of bad links

  • Broken link
  • Purchased link
  • Repetitive link
  • Links from irrelevant websites
  • Links to spammed or useless content
  • Unnatural link

Unnatural links are highly poisonous for your website, as according to Matt Cutts:

‘The objective is not to make your links appear natural; the objective is that your links are natural’

How your back link qualifies to be a good one:

What makes your back link a perfect and high quality link is a quite subjective question, and almost every SEO consultant would have slightly different opinions on the topic. Some of these SEO consultants also offer everyone to get affordable SEO services in order to get a high quality back link for their website, because professional people can handle the website more intelligently than others do.

So here are some recommendations that can help you out in qualifying a back link to a good one.

  1. Relevant sources:

Search engines always need some relevance and it’s a logical point that relevance is a key consideration when it comes to back link evaluation.

  1. Exact phrases that match with anchor texts:

Back link quality increases tremendously when the words in clickable content is similar to those words that a website owner is trying to improve for.

  1. Trusted sources:

High quality back links always comes up with high quality websites, so always link trusted sources in order to get relevant back link. Like some trusted websites are (Wikipedia, Huffington post)

  1. In Content:

Back-link inserted within the main content area is likely to be a high quality link than in lower area or footer of the page.

  1. Difficult to acquire:

It’s a fact that when more easily a person will acquire back-link, then the less value it will have. The possibility is that if you get it in a couple of minutes, or usually with few more clicks, then millions of people will definitely have done it before you and others will do it after you – including the competitors…



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