Top 6 SEO Myths & Misconceptions every person should know about


There are numerous myths & misconceptions risen in past several years, that how SEO operates and what strategies are important to use for maximum visibility among search engines. This might create great confusion for beginners about what tactics are effective to apply. So, in this article I am going to explain the real truths behind those myths and misconceptions.

  1. Emphasis on first rank:

Numerous resources and e-books place special importance on the need to be at first rankings on Google search results, and even on social Medias too. But different surveys revealed that people don’t always choose first search result, as they scroll down the complete page and if you are visible on top of 2nd page, you will probably receive lots of traffic. So being on first page is not as important as it once was.

  1. SEO techniques are simple:

If you are following simple SEO techniques for your website and completely out of touch from several latest techniques and tactics, then you are going in wrong direction. You need to follow a complete set of SEO techniques to increase the visibility. It needs great time to learn these complicated techniques, that’s why many SEO firms exist so that they can offer everyone to get affordable SEO services and deal different issues like coding, PR skills, online marketing and several technical issues.

  1. Meta tags are crucial:

Since several years people used to think that Meta tags are quite crucial if you want to be ranked first. Actually Meta tags are small codes that provide Google a list of complete keywords & description. On the basis of these codes, search engines find out what your website is all about. However, these codes do not affect rankings and search engines do not care much about Meta tags to index websites.

  1. Site submission to Google:

Search engines have some URL submission forms where we send out site to Google and different search engines. But now this process is quite unnecessary, crawlers are efficient enough to find your site in matters of hours. You only need to worry about the moment when your site isn’t automatically indexed even after several days.

  1. Home page updating increase ranking:

There is a common misconception in many people that if you are not regularly updating your home page with relevant content, then the page will drop down from 2nd to 3rd position. Because if your website is all about sales, then I think there is no reason to update that page unless you are going to change some products or prices.

  1. Social media has nothing to with SEO:

Off-course social media has everything to do with SEO, this is the reason there is a most specific name for both of them which is known as “social search”. If someone is talking about your company on any social media, then this will be shown up in a Google search results. Ultimately it will affect SEO, so just make sure you have some best social media strategy because of them are definitely related.

SEO is definitely a very important tool and I hope that by busting some of these myths, you can simply use it to your company’s benefits in order to bring great traffic to your website

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