Define and How to increase Google page rank ways

Getting top ranking in short time duration is a quite tough challenge for all the companies out there, especially the companies who want to conquer the internet marketing world in matter of no time.

You may know about search engine optimization which is a very sweet spot in marketing world, where you can do something to achieve the highest ranking of your website.

Here are some tips & tactics in SEO world that are good to apply for getting page 1 ranking.

  1. Top ranking in Google through SEO:

If you have a little know how about SEO, then it’s nothing difficult to apply basic SEO techniques that would prove worth beneficial for your site. But might be you are behind the race and want quick recognition in order to maintain a flow, and then you can simply click the sites that can help to improve your ranking and provide you affordable SEO tips then you probably increase the chances to get maximum visibility among famous search engine Google. Another tip is you can simply improve your On-page, on-site and off-site links and all navigational structure of your site.

  1. Put out an elaborative press release:

Information rich and well crafted press release can get maximum attention of your readers, and it would help to improve Google & yahoo news search results. A press release stuffed with 2% of keyword and has more informational value, then more bloggers, journalists and websites will pick it up and post the links you have put out in it.

  1. Optimization of right keywords:

Many Companies over load their sites with irrelevant and unnecessary key phrases that are out dated and have least values in SEO. In this way, you are giving an open chance to your competitors to bring their sites on top of the ranking. That’s why always prefer to check out what key phrases your target audience is searching. You can use Word tracker that can give you a good idea about how people are searching for your keywords.

  1. Site maps:

Different search engines allow people to submit their site maps which help people to completely index the site. So learn some better ways from Google sitemaps that help you to set a best and regular site map so that Google may update with new information about the site.

Typically here are some other obvious ways to get number 1 rankings in short time:

  • Free / Natural / Organic Listings
  • Organic Listings
  • Maps
  • Places
  • Blogs
  • News
  • Video
  • Images
  • Social Updates
  • Shopping
  • Sponsored / Advertising links

Top rankings in Google natural listings are quite valuable, because we do not pay anything for clicks. Websites with great number of organic number get lots of free visits from Google.

In some competitive niches, you are required to pay Google to get top ranked by using Google Ad words, and now this will be continued as Google becomes more & more local search engine. That’s why Google Ad words are basically quickest way to be number one for competitive keywords.




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