Effective SEO Strategy

Strategy Without Tactics & Tactics Without Strategy are both useless. 

To develop and effective SEO Strategy and than to mapp in the tactics into a plan is very important to succeed online. 

SEO Falcons has the expertise in developing the effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies. Our Experts have got experience in delivering the right SEO services to a variety of business sectors which includes banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and online shopping or ecommerce websites.

Starting with a technical SEO Audit, we examine the website for all the possible opportunities following the four major elements of SEO:


  • Keyword research – Selecting keywords with best Return On Investment (ROI) rate
  • Technical Structure – The way your website is accessable to Search Engines
  • Content Structure – How "On Page" Content is targeted on the pages within the website
  • Link profile – Back-links Profile & the depth of internal links (Within the website's content)

Based on the above analysis, we now have the reports that makes a solid foundation for decision making before we move forward. It is important to plan and execute the SEO strategy keeping in mind the Return On Investment (ROI). Because at the end of the day this is all that we are working for! Moving forward, on the basis of outcomes from the analysis process the implementation of certain steps are prioritized and executed to get the website ready for success!


When To Get our experts involved!

It is important to make the right choices at the time of starting a project. For the new websites, ecommerce or media sites with high volume of data, developing an SEO Strategy is important to be undertaken at the very begining even before the selection of Content Management System or in other words the "CMS". It is important to make the right decision here because the right CMS software will be the difference between Search Engine invisibility & Online Success.


For the sites that are already in business or in other words (Mature Websites), a time comes when the traffic growths stops moving any further. Over all performance of the website stops at a certain point, when you see it is not moving downwards but it does not go forward either. This is the right time to stop and rethink the SEO Strategy by analyzing possible errors in the structure of the website or might be the strategy. Our SEO Analysts will help you figure out the problem and will give you a plan to take it forward.


We offer a very professional & cost effective SEO services to help you succeed online. However, the Cost of developing an SEO Strategy & the implementation may vary depending upon the scale of the website and the niche of the business & Target Audiences. What we charge can be considered as a Small investement with respect to growth and profitability to be achieved after the implementation of our state of the art SEO Strategy.

With an Effective SEO Strategy by SEO Falcons, You will have the guidelines to follow on your way to the top of search engine results. If you are looking to build to build an online presence for your business or you want to build an eccormerce store to build an online business, now is the right time to get in touch with our Experts. With the right strategy, we will help you get to the top!

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