Major search engine changes in 2016

Search engines constantly create some tiny changes that are even hardly noticeable for most of the people. There are numerous changes search engines undergo every year and even sometimes every month. The changes are from signature creation to user behaviors, and even disrupt all the expectations of users who were relying on previous changes and behaviors.

Until now, there are ample of small changes that are totally unnoticeable for majority of users who are outside from the SEO world. With the onslaught of various innovative technologies and search engine changes, there are countless new dimensions in SEO community that are bringing advanced trends. Even there are thousands of reliable organizations that are providing best SEO practices and updating people to all those premium trends that are important to follow in 2015.

Let’s take a look on all those changes that search engines undergo this year, and significantly effecting search engine optimization.


Knowledge graph is rising:

Google knowledge graph achieved great momentum. If you are wondering about Google knowledge graph then I would suggest you to simply search your favorite movie name in Google. You will see a box on the right side that will showcase all the related information regarding your movie. It spares people from hunting different irrelevant information.

Focus on ROI metrics rather keyword ranking:

If you or your organization is still emphasizing on keyword rankings and ignoring ROI (return on investment) then it’s a big wake up call for you. There are numerous SEO companies who make pretty reports and target irrelevant keywords. But now you are required to follow latest trends about SEO in 2016 which are putting great emphasis on ROI. And at the end you will hear from your SEO Company that ‘Congratulations you have got top rank and earned 70 links which was responsible for more than 48 conversions and earned million dollars.’

Optimization for Yahoo & Bing:

Do you think 2015 could be the year that different search engines will begin to dominate? This is definitely a million dollar question but quite hard to answer. There are some recent changes done to search engines which have made the assumption possible. Now Firefox has kicked Google, and made Yahoo a default search engine. Google is also dealing up with Safari this year and according to reports that Yahoo & Bing will both take the spot very soon.

Social results will be prominent:

Google has empirically abandoned Google+, now it seems quite interested in forming close relations and partnerships with different famous social media platforms. That biggest search giant has had a deal with social media Facebook for many years, which is scanning the social platform for unique information and quality posts from various major brands. Now recently, it has also forged alliance with Twitter, which is allowing Google to perfectly index tweet information details and then withdraw it at will.

While these efficient changes, SEO will possibly roll out gradually over next couple of years, so it’s time to start preparing because with all SEO things, it takes some time to make betterment, so if you are going to spend next two or three years in preparing your website and online presence, then surely you will be three years ahead of competition.

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