How to do keyword research in just 90 minutes

Everyone associated with SEO is now in the position where there are more than million things going on, but your client or your SEO agency still needs some top-notch keyword research for better ranking and reputation. So there should be something that must needs to get done in a pinch.

From all the basic and technical SEO tactics, I think keyword research is a most important, highly valuable, and some of the high return activities in the search marketing arena. You know ranking for the right keywords can eventually make or break your site.

By proper researching market’s keyword demand, you do not only learn different terms and phrases to target with SEO, but you can also learn more about the clients as a whole.

Use Google Suite tools: (40 minutes)

For a proper keyword search, you need to set up your Google Analytics (GA) account and Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). This is definitely a worth beneficial place to begin, using them properly we can clearly observe those pages which are attracting organic traffic and getting more and more visitors from around the globe. Using Google analytics for keyword research involves a bit of complicated and educated guesswork since Google stopped displaying its keywords. So you can learn these steps by simply following the below mentioned instructions:

• Enter your GA account and click “Acquisition” in left-hand navigation
• Under “Acquisition”, you need to click “Source/Medium”
• In the primary data on that page, click “Google / organic”
• Then finally click “Secondary Dimension” and under “Behavior” you will find “Landing Page”

Google Analytics tools

Focus long tail queries: (20 minutes)

If you have a little know how about SEO, then you must understand the importance of long tail queries, because these key words grant us excellent chance to compete search engine pages due to least competition. So it’s always recommended to focus on long tail key words rather putting small and conflicting ones.

Using Google instant: (20 minutes)

Another important tool to utilize is Google instant which helps to keep track of what people are searching about, and when we begin typing some query into the search bar it will immediately start to auto-populate the remainder of that query based on people’s searching.


Sort out the keywords in descending order: (10 minutes)

Another helpful way is to take the proper list of the keywords that is accumulating in Google Docs and then sort it out in descending order of monthly keyword search volume.
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