There are many tools that provide data for the search terms, the question is “can we get good keywords using those tools?”

Keywords research is not just about adding random keywords, terms, phrases whatever you want to call it, in the tools & getting a list of suggested terms.

It is about the research process & gathering of information on industry, Competition, target audience, trending topics, what people are looking for etc.

Tools are only there to help calculate value of search terms by which we can determine which keywords to target at the beginning & which of them should be kept for later.

Here is the process you should follow to get the best keywords for your product/services.

Identify Competition

This is important & comparatively easy step is to perform a detail competitors analysis. Identifying competitors is easy, here is how you can do it

  • Look for local businesses with same services
  • Identify their online presence
  • Analyze their website & find out what kind of content topics are they sharing.
  • These content topics will have your keyword ideas
  • Start adding terms/phrases you find relevant to a plain text document

Identify Your Goals

Typically, there are two type of goals;

  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Sales

It is very important that increase in traffic should not be considered as success. So, the prime goal should always be Increase in Sales.

For example;

for an eCommerce store, identifying the sales problems people might be facing & solutions to problems offered by the business.

keywords research for eCommerce store would provide the best results if the following goals are considered;

  • Increase in Sales
  • Spreading Awareness of your products/services
  • Solutions to the common sales problems