Google’s upcoming penguin update: Implications for brands & websites

In current scenario, the popular word on the street is that what would be the new Google Penguin update before the beginning of 2016. And the other word on the street is that, what would be the implications for our brands and websites? And what does that update means for our websites? That’s why it’s important to consider new Google Penguin update that would start updating immediately and also won’t require several months of agony before you recover it completely.

Doesn’t it sounds quite slick? But what exactly Google Penguin update means for your website?

So, let’s have a look at some possibilities, but I think it’s important to review what Penguin is.


Google’s penguin algorithm:

There are billions of articles discussing Google’s Penguin algorithm, so I would keep it little concise but you will get the perfect idea about Google’s penguin update here:

  • Penguin was first launched in the year 2012
  • Penguin tends to target those sites that usually attempt to manipulate your search results through different spamming techniques such as buying links, link networks, link schemes, automated link building etc.
  • Sites that are caught by Penguin invariably lose their search rankings
  • Whenever a new Penguin update is released, web sites can efficiently recover when they take some proper steps and then sites can be hit immediately if they have been spam.
  • There must be almost four versions of Penguin so far in which Penguin, Penguin 2.0, Penguin 2.1, Penguin 3.0, and different others penguins have been scattered.

Penguin can be basically summarized in just a simple equation:

Bad Links = Penguin “Penalty” Now technically it’s not called a “penalty,” for example if you say tomato, I say tomato simple…

It’s not that simple because:

  • Penguin seemingly “penalizes” the sites that do not intentionally spam
  • Penguin can always keep the websites out of search results for almost a year or even more
  • Penguin “recovery” does not mean that you will get back to where you were previously
  • Negative SEO is not a point

What does the update means for your websites and brands?

Google always do respect for authoritative links from high quality brands and websites and efficiently rewards those sites who get them authentically; so however, multiple enough links from some less-trusted websites would be still able to improve website’s position on the SERP. Using Penguin, Google tend to penalize the sites having spam links and reward those sites which have authoritative inbound links that have obtained some old fashioned way, in which people take interest to show some other people your naturally created content. Is the case closed? I think not entirely.

Google has definitely seen popular ways to make better improvements in this update and now up-to this point; few SEO experts have shed lights on Penguin’s upgrade. Before Twitter confirmation, these experts stated that the new addition would be perfect real-time version; implying detection of spam links would have immediate impacts on website while it’s been processed once. This means all the webmasters can diligently recover their sites from these penalties not only quickly, but can be able to receive penalties just as fast.

Well assembled & well formulated sites:

Never let Penguin to punish your websites badly and cut you out from the crowd. So it’s important to maintain:

  • Competent links: if you want your site to be successfully visible among the crowd then you need to develop some competitive links by successfully connecting your visitors to some off-site but interesting content
  • Naturally curate content: stuff your websites with full of natural key phrases that exactly match with your site’s specific area.
  • Make sure the site isn’t linked with manipulative links: it’s extremely important to make sure that your site hasn’t been linked with any manipulative sites such as insecure, spam or ugly links.

At the end, I would recommend that you need to audit number and the quality of outbound links to make sure that either respectable or authoritative links have been pointed to your site or not.  Large jumps in the link totals can suggest you the rapid purchase of spammed links, so always ensure that this is not the case. If it has happened, then immediately remove them from website as Google can penalize your site for these bad links. An external link audit go a long way to make sure that Penguin’s update is not negatively impacting your website & brand.


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