There are many tools that provide data for the search terms, the question is “can we get good keywords using those tools?” Keywords research is not just about adding random keywords, terms, phrases whatever you want to call it, in the tools & getting a list of suggested terms. It is about the research process […]

Everyone associated with SEO is now in the position where there are more than million things going on, but your client or your SEO agency still needs some top-notch keyword research for better ranking and reputation. So there should be something that must needs to get done in a pinch. From all the basic and […]

In current scenario, the popular word on the street is that what would be the new Google Penguin update before the beginning of 2016. And the other word on the street is that, what would be the implications for our brands and websites? And what does that update means for our websites? That’s why it’s important […]

In past few months, I was assigned to evaluate numerous SEO techniques and some complex technical audits of company’s websites. I really enjoyed the work and hoping more to perform such challenging SEO jobs such as different technical analysis, keyword research, competitor research, digging website’s link authority and figuring out the position of website over […]

  Anyone who has a little know-how about SEO must know the importance of back links- when one site link back to another site. Back links are quite significant to increase your search engine rankings. The more quality back links you would generate for your website, the more reputation it would build.  However, search engines […]

There are numerous myths & misconceptions risen in past several years, that how SEO operates and what strategies are important to use for maximum visibility among search engines. This might create great confusion for beginners about what tactics are effective to apply. So, in this article I am going to explain the real truths behind […]

Getting top ranking in short time duration is a quite tough challenge for all the companies out there, especially the companies who want to conquer the internet marketing world in matter of no time. You may know about search engine optimization which is a very sweet spot in marketing world, where you can do something […]

Search engines constantly create some tiny changes that are even hardly noticeable for most of the people. There are numerous changes search engines undergo every year and even sometimes every month. The changes are from signature creation to user behaviors, and even disrupt all the expectations of users who were relying on previous changes and […]

Search engines always look for quality & quantity to determine and to evaluate the reputation of your website. It simply means that both relevance and number of links are important to get your website on the top of search results. Usually the number of high-quality links comes within the website from three specific areas: Internal […]

There is a huge competition in the online industry, a lot of people have established their business presence online & as a matter of fact everyone wants to be successful. Optimizing a website with by maintaining keywords to landing page relevance can help out achieving desired goals. But understanding of some complicated SEO principles and […]

There are thousands of suggestions, ways and researches conducted to increase the traffic on website. Few of them works, but others might not. If you are trying to make your company’s website visible among Google search results then you have to explore some innovative techniques that are recently introduced. Here are some latest ideas and ingenious […]

Smartphone owners want sites to be optimized for their smaller screens and are inclined to abandon those that aren’t. With an average of 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices, making your website mobile-friendly is a worthwhile effort, and it can keep you ahead of your rivals. There’s no doubt that the mobile-age is dominating […]