Avoid Google Penalty With These Simple Tips

google penalty,

Google penalties are kind of ever lurking threat for all webmasters. It’s definitely a frustrating thing for all internet marketers, because they immediately experience a sudden loss in traffic and business revenue. You never know, all of a sudden your website might got hit by one of Google’s algorithmic changes or penalties. Its only a matter of time before Google figures out any unusual or unfair means of getting rankings or generating traffic that are being used on the website. Google has updated its algorithm and in a strong way too. Sites with low quality content, misleading information and bad links are being punished. Your website can only survive if it follows a few simple guidelines. Here are some important steps that will help you to avoid getting into trouble.

Avoid duplicate & low quality content:

There has been so much emphasis on the quality of content by webmasters and SEO’s. A lot of people used the phrase “Content is King” & I believe it to be true. Its because of the fact that if your website has irrelevant, low quality and misleading information, it is of no use to the people looking for info on that specific topic. Do you think a website that is useless to the audience is a quality website? of course not! Content on the website should be there to help the people visiting the website find what they are looking, & this is the simple policy Google follows. Web spammers always hunt for content already published by someone and create duplicates for their own websites. Duplicate content on a site will easily be caught by Google’s Panda Algorithm & will be penalized. The only way you can save your site form such a penalty is to write high quality and fine content which is comprehensible for all users.

Do not prefer irrelevant back-links:

Back links are very important to get if you want to stand first on Google search results. But make sure links must be natural and related to your niche, if you’re getting links from the site that are not related to your niches like adult sites or spam blogs, then your site is going to experience harmful situation.

Getting quality back links is definitely hard for simple bloggers because they lack knowledge about technical aspects. That’s why people prefer to contact top seo company who can efficiently follow all latest techniques to get your sites on the top of rankings.

Social media activities:

Social channels like Face book, Twitter, Google + can help a lot to achieve best status on all search engines. Google is strictly emphasizing on social media metrics for certain websites and blogs to get ranked on top position. Different case studies and researches done by experienced people revealed the fact that the posts getting higher number of likes, comments, shares, tweets and pins are getting excellent ranking and status on Google.

Here is an “Effective social media strategy for your business” to help you get going with your brand’s social presence.

Keyword stuffing:

If you don’t want to get a tight slap from search engines, then stop doing keyword stuffing because Google hate the sites and articles that have keywords stuffed at the places where they does not even makes any sense. It is very easy to add keywords naturally in the content. Google follows not only the exact match keywords but also the long tail phrases and synonyms too. It is better to naturally use the keyword in heading of a page and than use phrases, long tail versions of the keyword and Synonyms or related words in the content. This will not only get you to avoid any kind of penalty from google, but it will also naturally improves the quality of your content.

I hope this blog post will help you plan out your future steps in SEO for your website. I will be back with more exciting information for you guys next week. If you have any questions or queries in mind feel free to post a comment below or email me at uzma@seofalcons.com.

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