4 reasons why you should stop doing SEO yourself

don't do seo yourself

There is a huge competition in the online industry, a lot of people have established their business presence online & as a matter of fact everyone wants to be successful. Optimizing a website with by maintaining keywords to landing page relevance can help out achieving desired goals. But understanding of some complicated SEO principles and to differentiate between facts and myths is quite hard for a single person, especially if they don’t have prior SEO experience.

People know the theories behind successful SEO campaigns, & they would love to implement those on their own website but because they don’t understand the risks involved behind executing certain strategies, they end up getting their website penalized. Here are a few Tips on how to avoid getting penalized by Google.

So, the point I am trying to make here is that unless you have good experience & expertise in this field, you should not try to do SEO yourself as it involves several factors to take care of. We all know SEO is important for a business to succeed online, but for that you should always hire experienced professionals. According to a famous saying:

‘Building a website without SEO is like building a road without direction’

Here are few reasons that why you should not do SEO by yourself:

  1. Experience matters a lot!

I agree that many people can easily undertake SEO, but very few of them know how to execute the strategies in the right manner. Experienced SEO specialists have perfected the art of applying these SEO techniques and encountered different problems on the road of success. That’s why many people prefer to use experienced and affordable SEO services in order to get excellent results in a specified time. So it’s much better to outsource some experienced people for this job rather than applying SEO myths yourself, that may actually harm your website.

  1. Time consuming: save your 24 hours!

Daily SEO activitiesLink building is time consuming job, and for people doing multiple tasks in a day, it is not easy t0 get this job done. To tell you the truth, if you are going to do SEO yourself, you would have to see a lot of factors on daily basis. Check for Google Webmasters for any possible errors or warning messages, to check google analytics to see the behavior of the website and at the same time manage the on-site SEO which itself would take your 2 to 3 hours daily. Now that is not enough, you aren’t done for the day yet, Linkbuilding is the most essential part of SEO and you need atleast 6 – 7 hours daily to get quality back-links & even than you may not find a suitable opportunity to place a link for your website. Are you sure you can spare this much time?  That’s a big reason that emphasizes people to get connected to some best outsourced team.

  1. Multiple factors:

As you keep studying different factors about SEO, and learn new techniques, you will expose to something new that you have never discovered. You can find SEO Strategy here & there will be several others online that simplify different complicated things, but this is quite difficult for beginners as they need more details to get a clear picture.

  1. Hold accountable SEO firms:

Knife Throwing & SEOThis is a very strong reason that why you should stop doing SEO yourself. If you prefer to hire top SEO Company for your SEO needs, you probably would have someone to hold responsible for each and every thing and & they would strive to provide excellent results too, since their name & authority is at stake. One negative review from a client to a firm can hurt their business badly. So they will do the best possible measures to get you the results you desire to see.

I can say this for a fact that doing SEO yourself is just the same like “Knife Throwing” without practice. Here knife would be the SEO you implement & your website would be the target. Be aware, you could possibly kill it.

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