3 SEO predictions everyone need to know for 2016

Google freaks me out sometimes, what about you?? It always seems like they are standing on the verge of making some new and vast search algorithm change.

As a professional marketer I always feel gagged, handcuffed and little strapped to a chair- because unfortunately search engines can do whatever they want without taking care of SEO terms.

Recently I have attended a Search Marketing Expo organized in the city, and it really helped me out in solving several conflicts.

Things got bit clearer in my mind, and Google doesn’t seem as scary as it was before.

So today I would love to share my biggest takeaways and few SEO predictions which I have got learnt from the popular search marketing conference.

1- Mobile searches are going to surpass desktop:

According to famous e-Marketers, 2015’s mobile search reached the tipping point, which is the stage where majority of spend, paid clicks and organic traffic directly comes from Smart-phone rather than that old and traditional desktop and laptop mediums.

Mobile mindset for businesses:

Local Mobile SearchApart from making the business website mobile friendly & responsive to every device, you are required to move little further.

Now it means you must have a mobile mindset for your website and all product based decisions.  Now the point is to consider how your content is going to appear on every Smartphone before finalizing the website, layout, product pages and service pages.

The basic aim is to give all mobile users the excellent optimum experience when they visit proper desktop websites.

Businesses must give some thoughts to the following;

  • Mobile marketing strategy
  • Mobile design
  • Mobile search marketing & advertising
  • Mobile e-commerce and mobile payment
  • Mobile CRM like mobile coupons & integrating mobile
  • local and social

2- Rise in voice search:

Google Voice SearchUsing text-based search, we probably type something like best SEO Company and then click on the address bar to find out the location and other details.

But using voice search, we just need to say that “Where is the affordable and nearest SEO company in town?” And then you will find out the number of agencies where you can find effective SEO strategy within a couple of minutes by the top professionals of the town.

Now if you think about how will you begin your search? Did you open your search box by using touch or did you only prompt your assistant by simply saying “Ok, Google.”

Few years back there was a well reputable agency Rosetta which tend to published an awesome article explaining how voice search is efficiently marked by the use of question words: like What, Where, Who, Why & How.

These are the simple questions that explain the changing search patterns on Smartphone. While desktop search patterns are just used in-depth content that can’t be easily answered in short form.

3- Direct answers will be more trending:

Providing direct answers of your questions is a Google’s brilliant attempt to show you the exact answer to your query at the top of your search page.

Previously they were not originally designed with mobile devices in mind, but the requirements & restrictions of mobile searches pushed its growth tremendously.

Structured data:

Providing structured data is now highly recommended for everything.

Have you ever wondered how few e-commerce sites get prices, yellow stars and thumbnails in search listings? That’s called a structured data at work…

Structured data is specifically not only for all search engines. If it’s done appropriately it will easily make your result much attractive and incredibly increase the clicks through rate.
Finally, I would recommend everyone to use Google products like Google plus and structured data in order to make your website crawl able by search engine through voice searched or text based search.

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