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How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website.

Any business needs to face the challenge that consumers select their company for satisfying some needs instead of choosing their competitors. Here, I…
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SEO Roundup

SEO news roundup; Google’s penguin is swimming on Auto-pilot

All the SEO professionals must know that when the Penguin went real time that it simply meant that Google is already done with some numbered Penguin…
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SEO Predictions for 2016

3 SEO predictions everyone need to know for 2016

Google freaks me out sometimes, what about you?? It always seems like they are standing on the verge of making some new and…
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keywords Research

How to do keyword research in just 90 minutes

Everyone associated with SEO is now in the position where there are more than million things going on, but your client or your…
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10 ways to improve rankings

10 ways to get top rankings for small business website

Experiencing some trouble in getting small business website to get rank in the major search engines? And not pretty sure where to stake…
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Google’s upcoming penguin update: Implications for brands & websites

In current scenario, the popular word on the street is that what would be the new Google Penguin update before the beginning of 2016.…
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What is rel= canonical? How to resolve canonical issue?

In past few months, I was assigned to evaluate numerous SEO techniques and some complex technical audits of company’s websites. I really enjoyed…
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What are bad links? How a back link qualifies to be a good one?

  Anyone who has a little know-how about SEO must know the importance of back links- when one site link back to another…
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Top 6 SEO Myths & Misconceptions every person should know about

There are numerous myths & misconceptions risen in past several years, that how SEO operates and what strategies are important to use for…
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Tips of getting page 1 ranking

Getting top ranking in short time duration is a quite tough challenge for all the companies out there, especially the companies who want…
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